Q & A

Do you offer delivery service?

Yes, We ship our products pan India. Since all our products are hand-crafted it usually takes us 3-15 days to ship your order based on the availability of the product.

Can I purchase an item online and pick it up at the store?

We are a small business, so we currently have an online store where you can place your order and we will have it delivered it your address anywhere in India. 

Do you also offer installation services?

All our products are designed to be flat packed with an easy assembly so that anyone can assemble them themselves at home without the need of an expert. We also provide an instruction manual to guide you through the assembly process

Can we grow food with hydroponics even without any prior farming experience?

Yes, Absolutely! We have several hydroponic setups designed just for beginners who want to dive into urban farming. Apart from this, you can always contact us if you are facing difficulty with your plants and we will guide you through the process.