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Rosemary is a fragrant culinary evergreen herb that is known to add umami to your dishes. It is a native to the Mediterranean and asian regions and grows up to a 4 feet tall bush. It thrives well outdoors with a minimum of 6 hours of bright sunlight. 

Rosemary blooms blue flowers in the spring and it can be easily propagated through stem cuttings. 

This herb is not only known to add taste to your dishes but has also been hailed since the ancient times for its medicinal properties. It has antioxidant properties and also helps in relieving muscle pain and improve memory. 

Rosemary herb Plant, Live rosemary plant

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  • 1. Thrives well in 6-8 hours of sunlight

    2. Pot it in a well-drained soil along with a generous mix of vermicompost or organic manure to grow a healthy plant

    3. Water only when the topsoil is dry 


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